Monday, May 11, 2009

Farmer Boy

Zippy here!

This morning I got my first lesson in raising beef cows. We all went to the barn, even those two giant dogs that I live with. BUT...... UN (Up north) Mom left those two giants in one part of the barn, and she took me further into the barn to feed the cow and two sheep. But.....she tied me up so I wouldn't get into trouble. While she was watering and feeding, along came this humungous creature. It came right up to me, and we touched noses. I scared that big guy. He jumped back. Fortunately,
UN mom was watching because he came back up by me. By then, my good sense had returned, and I went back my UN mom's feet. I felt safe there because that thing was a real giant. This farming stuff can be very dangerous.

Then UN mom took the other dogs into the house, and we went out alone. We sat on the seat of this moving vehicle and went to feed the sheep. I had helped with this before. The riding was kind of fun. UN mom just wouldn't let me sit on the seat without her, so I wandered around and checked things out on the ground.

After we put the cart away, we went back into the house, but I had to stop and sample the flowers up by the house. I hope they don't make me sick because I think I might have eaten one of them.

Now you can see that I really have my job cut out for me up here. Over the weekend, I met three people and played and slept a lot. UN mom won't let me eat with the big guys, she makes me eat in my "little house". (That is what she calls it.) It looks like a crate to me. I even went outside in the rain on Friday night. So far I haven't gotten into any terrible trouble. I am pretty proud of that fact.

I am out of here!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Zippy, your brother Charlie has a blog now too.