Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Zip Report

Zippy here. Let me tell you how things are "up North".

Why do I have this smile on my face? Well, someone (I think it was my Texas mom) decided to put me in this house way up North. This place is not so bad. They have dogs and cats in the house. They have bunches of cats outside. That is cool. They have a toy box for dogs that is huge! I can find something to play with whenever I want to., my up North mom gave all of us dogs some pieces of rawhide.
I just took mine and went and laid on a furry thing on the floor that made me look like a little angel. I had to fight to keep the rawhide sometimes, but I sure had a good time with it.

Later my northern mom made me go outside when strange stuff was coming out of the sky. She said it was rain, but I don't have any idea what she was talking about. Must be a regional problem.

Now things are really nice. She send the furry dogs outside, and I am just sitting on the floor in the living room with my rawhide. All is good up here!!! Don't worry mom (Texas mom). I am doing fine.


Anonymous said...

Texas Mom thinks you look great. Have fun! Don't worry about the rain, you will get used to it.

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

You are just precious. I think you should start your own personal blog. For such a young pup you articulate your thoughts and feelings so very well. I can't wait to hear what you think about the white rain you will see in the winter. Sleep well and sweet dreams little one.

dreameyce said...

Hi Zippy! Glad I can still follow you, and can watch you grow up! Please, keep those adorable pics coming :)