Saturday, March 28, 2009

This Quilter's Friend

Every quilter needs a friend. Mine is furry. She is soooooo helpful when a wall quilt needs to be changed behind the bed. She is helpful when the bed needs to be made. She is helpful for anything that involves the bed.

She just looked so cute when I threw the fall quilt off the wall, and it covered most of her since she was lying on the bed.

She is my helper girl even if it means being on a leash tied off in the barn while I do chores. She waits so patiently......and quietly. That is fantastic since my cocker spaniel would have barked her head off and lunged to get free to roam in the barn. Libby and Scooter would like to be free to roam in the barn, too, but they both wait patiently for me to do chores. Maybe they wait because we go for a walk when I am done, but do they really know that? Oh,.......if I only knew what they were thinking.


Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful. Why does she have to be tired up in the barn? Aren't collies good with livestock? I can understand the cocker might not be too good with the livestock but I thought Collies were a natural with cows and sheep.

Sharrie said...


I guess she has to be tied up in the barn because I am such a chicken. There is tooooo much stuff for her to get into and I do not want her hurt. Besides the only animals in the barn are cows and their calves, and I am not ready to have her in with them.

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

I know of at least three people here who have had their cattle dogs kicked in the face by a cow and all have had to have their jaws operated on. I'm with you....better safe than sorry. It's good she is used to the routine and patient for her own "mom time". She sure is pretty!