Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm an Old Cowhand..........

Notice that I didn't say that I'm a cowboy. This morning's calf is a heifer!!!!! She is red with just a white face. When I went out to check, there she was. As the only cowhand here, I managed to get her up to the lean with mom following and complaining. She is still wet and probably was less than an hour old when I found her. As you can see, mom and baby are tired and resting. Mom is close enough to keep licking. Baby is quite strong, she walked all the way up to the barn with me pushing from behind. (Sure glad I took a shower this morning before I went outside.)

Hopalong Cassidy is doing much better than I thought he would. He was the one born without a tail. The defect included his spine in some way because he is unsteady when he stands up and can't move his back legs independently. He hops. BUT.....can he motor. He does wind sprints up and down in the pen. You wouldn't know he was imperfect because, when running fast, those back legs act in unison. The problem will be what to do with him because he won't fare well in a large group of cows.

Tally: 6 and 3 at least 2 more expected

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Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

You are so busy!!! The babies are just precious. Can you get a video of Hopalong?? Oh my verification word is Mical...that's my husband's name. I should buy a lottery ticket!!! How strange is that.