Thursday, March 26, 2009

The One that Got Away

As the dogs and I were going down the driveway this morning, we could hear a cow bellering. That was a familiar sound. To me it meant that her calf was somewhere she couldn't go. Well, I was right. Her calf was in the grass between the road and at the pasture. We got it back in. Of course, it was a bull calf, black with white face. When we returned from our walk, I put the calf back in the pasture for the second time. I "helped" him get almost up to the barn where I could make him a captive. We went through a second fence and were free of him mom. By the time that I had him almost up to the barn, she had gone around the fences and came storming up to us. Well, that was the end of me steering him to the barn. He got away. Jake will have to help with this one. I think he was born yesterday evening after dark because he was totally dry this morning and feisty as hell.

I think these sheep people should be impressed with my array of calf spots. How about the two spots on this guy's forehead. Isn't that a hoot? This bull sure throws a bunch of spots. Guess I could take some pictures and just do one post on spots.

I did, however, manage to accomplish something today. I happened to be looking out the kitchen window and see a heifer who is due to calf soon moving up to the lean to get a drink. I managed to get out there, chase another steer out of the barn, and shut a gate that will keep her in the barn. At least that calf will not have to be chased!!!!


Nancy K. said...

They are SO cute, Sherrie! I can't believe how much work they are though! And All. Those. Boys!

You're going to have LOTS of ewe lambs...


kristi said...

Yes, I agree with Nancy.....lots of work but they are too cute!! I am sure I read this somewhere but forgot so I will ask again, what kind of cows do you raise? how many do you have in the herd? Just curious....its a teacher thing:)

Sharrie said...


None of the cows is a purebred except the bull. He is a buelingo. It is a registered breed. He is black with a white belt like a Gallaway. When you mix that with cows that are half Holstein and half Hereford, you get some wild patterns. He can also throw red as well as black, so we never know what we will get. We don't usually have this much trouble, but we are separating the cows from the steers and bull and cows that don't settle, so that we can ship them. Since we don't have a good set up to round them up, we are getting the moms and babes in the barn. There are about 25 now, soon to be less.

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Oh My Gosh is he cute!!!!