Friday, March 27, 2009

A Lady and Polka Dots

Some people have commented about how much work there is involved with calving. Well, it shouldn't be as much work as it is, but due to all kinds of problems which won't happen again, we ended up with all this work. We wouldn't normally have put the cows and their calves in the barn. BUT......the calves were born much tooooo early, and we need to ship the rest of our small herd. Now, what is left outside needs to be shipped except for one cow who did not get bred this time. soon as the boys and two cows that never did settle are shipped, everybody can go outside. I say, "The sooner, the better." There should only be one more calf, and we have that heifer in the barn already.

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This is today's calf. Isn't she quiet a lady. Now there are four girls out of eleven, two black and two red. Her mom is black and white. Doesn't she just look like a little girl?

The is One Dot. Mom is 1/2 Holstein, 1/2 Hereford. Dad is black with white belt.

This is Two Dot, yesterday's calf. Mom is black. Dad is black with white belt.

This is Hoppy. Mom is 1/2 Holstein, 1/2 Hereford. Dad is black with white belt.
He is the one without a tail. I think he could live in a place where he was alone or with one other cow. He wouldn't do well where he had to compete for food.


Rayna said...

omg I'm gonna steal that red heifer! too cute! :) I'm glad to see we're not the only ones w/ 1/2 holsteins out there :) That's how we started, getting a bottle baby or two from the farmer who AI'd with a beef bull. And we've been breeding back to beef ever since, we do have one purebred line too (she's half red angus, half herford). We've been breeding back to red angus for the last several years exclusivly...we tried a couple other breeds, but red angus has always done us well :) Congrats on all your babies! I think calving will start mid-April for us :)

Karen B. said...

Congratulations on the new calves, they are sooo cute. I love the new red belted one, very pretty.

Laura said...

Cute calves! Mine aren't due until Aug. and Sep. (I have a Jersey and a Dexter) I know how it is with bull calves! The Dexter has had bull calves 2x now.

Nancy K. said...

She is a beauty, Sharrie! VERY feminine! I'm assuming you'll keep her? Have you thought of a name?

What a colorful herd you have!!!

Anonymous said...

they are all lovely but I love the little red one. She does look like quite the lady - so sweet.

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Can you hug a calf??? They look so huggable to me! Of course I'll hug anything that's not slithering and spitting.

Wrensong Farm said...

Almost makes me want to have cattle too! Good thing I only have 5 acres! :) Beautiful, colorful calves, thanks for sharing!