Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Three Dog Night

Well, tonight will be a Three Dog Night up here on the ridge. Libby has arrived without too much trouble. I had to go to Black River Falls to get her since her ride was using a GPS, and they didn't know that they would be going onto I94 when they hit Tomah. It all worked out, and she is home with us. She acts (so far) like she has known us all these nine months. She is beautiful and pleasant to be around. I think this will all work out for us. She and Scooter have been chasing in the backyard and in the house just like I dreamed. So far she does not bother Suni and takes the cats in stride insdie and out.

Todd has surgery again tomorrow. I hope this will be the last time. That is my wish and my prayer. He would be happy to be back where he was in December. Now isn't that a strange turn around?

Sheep babies just growin and growin. They have found an adorable place to rest on top of a stump. I hope I can get a picture of them together up there.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a lovely dog and it sounds like she acts lovely, too. You have been blessed! Will be praying that Todd is blessed, too.