Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Enchanted be

It just struck me as I was getting ready to mow down the yellow carpet in the enchanted forest that it looked "kinda" cool. We really do get lots of yellow carpeting at this time of the year. Can't be helped. It is all gone now. The mowing is finished. I am ready to start again.

The trees were purchased as tiny babies in Kenosha. We planted in Kenosha and transplanted in "God's Country". They are doing well. Since the place that we bought had only two adult trees in the vicinity of the house, it was necessary to get some more trees planted. We have had real good luck with them. Very few have died, and we have breeding stock out near the ravine to replace the ones that don't make it. We have flowering crab, river birch, soft maples, and the evergreens in the enchanted forest.

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