Thursday, May 15, 2008

One day old

The twins are doing fine today. It isn't a big deal for real shepherds, but for a small time shepherdess like me, it is a major event. They are just as cute as they were yesterday. Today they figured out how to get out of the jug. I caught Ruffy outside with the other sheep and had to return him to his mother. Meg learned how to get out, also, and by evening they were going in and out at will. By then I had the door to the shed shut. Jake fixed they escape place, so they can have the door open again. I can hardly wait to get them outside on Saturday.

Tomorrow I am going to Kenosha to visit and friend and meet the some of the teachers from the school where I taught.

Five days to Libby.


Nancy K. said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the twins outside!

How is Libby getting to you? That should be a really exciting day!

Better charge up the camera batteries...

Sharrie said...

Libby is coming Tuesday in a van with 5 rotweilers and their female/ veterinarian owner to the national show in St. Elmo. Camera will be ready! I will get her in Tomah.