Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring, 5 weeks, 1 week, 2 days

Yes, it is spring. Everything is progressing slowly because we can't seem to get any warmth. It is still sweatshirt weather or maybe t-shirt weather when working hard in the afternoon. Which reminds me, I should get outside and work on the manure and old hay in the ewe's pasture. I have learned to run the front end loader on my tractor, and I can fill up the manure spreader. Jake takes it out to the field in the evening. Better than using the old pitch fork. Just like a man, I can use the machine.

This is Curly; he is five weeks old now and looks so big alongside of Meg. I hope his mother likes having an only child because I do not think I will breed her again. Her weight is a problem. She looks ready to give birth right now. She also had a problem with her udder, and only one side has milk now. I think her breeding days are over.

The twins are one week old now. They are being raised by a very good mother who keeps a tight rein on them. All three of them come in at feeding time to have a taste of corn in the jug.

The two dogs are quite happy out in their yard. They both slept well and were ready to go this morning. We have already been out for a walk and a romp in the backyard. Libby is still exploring everything here. I will find out as the days go on, how she treats all the "stuff" in the house. She is very affectionate, loves attention, and mild mannered like Scooter.

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