Saturday, May 17, 2008

The big wide world

Well, they went outside and had a look around. No one paid them any mind, too busy eating new hay, except that pesky little white ram lamb. Boy, did Lucy tell him in no uncertain terms that he should leave her babies alone. She is turning out so far to be a good mom. The pictures aren't great. It was hard to keep my hair out of the picture and get the lambs as they moved around. It's windy today. I am no Nancy or Michelle, that's for sure.

I am still a little juiced on caffeine from my drive home last night. I don't know how you coffee drinkers do it. It upsets my stomach although I did sleep without any of the usual trouble.

Four days to Libby. Scooter is becoming unbearable waiting for her.


Nancy K. said...

I have a confession to make. I didn't like the idea of breeding for spotted Katmogets. I felt that the result isn't really a katmoget because it has different markings and a Katmoget is a specific marking patter. But that little girl is so unbelievably beautiful!! And her fleece looks like it's to die for! I'd say you hit the jackpot with that little doll...

Is Scooter neutered or will there be beautiful tri color Collie puppies on the ridge someday soon??? ;-)

Nancy K. said...

P.S. The ram lamb is stunning too! You should post pictures of them on the "Spotted Shetland List". I think your little ram lamb has a fairly unusual spotting pattern too. Lucy did GOOD!