Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This year's crop

Just to prove that there is a shepherdess, I like to have Jake take a picture of me holding my new lambs every year. I can do that since I have so few sheep. It is a fun way to remember the passage of time.

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Nancy K. said...

I'm so happy that things are finally going your way, Sharrie!

And WHAT pretty lambs! Woodruff looks to me like a yuglet/flecket. And a VERY flashy one at that!

I posted a link to your blog on the MSSBO list to see what they thought because your little Nutmeg sure looks like she could be a spotted Katmoget to me! Becky thought so too but we were wondering who/what her sire is. Her markings are just gorgeous! Where on EARTH did that tail come from though???? ;-)

I'm glad that Todd is finally catching a break too! Tell him we need PUPPY pictures....