Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow and quilting

Now, who wouldn't love snow when your ewe looks as adorable as Ami does in this photo. She and Tommy were just hanging around in the snow on Monday and looking adorable. I love how these Shetlands are so hardy. The snow doesn't bother them. They are seldom in their shed. Hardy is not just a word to them. I am sure happy with my choice of sheep. Thanks to Nancy K. for the sheep and all the advice she has given me over the years. Without her, this would not have been such a successful experience for me. It gives me great joy.

Now, Lucy, Ami's daughter, is in the barn. I did not breed her. She leaps about in the morning when I go into the barn to feed her. It is a joy to see. She is just leaping around in her pen waiting for me to get down the aisle to feed her and her pen mate, Millie. It just makes me laugh to see her leaping about. She just started doing that, and I haven't seen her do it outside. I hope she continues it when I put her back outside.

The other photo is the office in its stripped down state. I have removed part of the wall going into the room also. The two walls are bared down to the logs. The outside wall is stripped, and all the chinking is intact. I will have to take it out, but it sure looks good the way it is. The logs are beautiful and have not been whitewashed like the ones in the living room. That means less work for me. My next task is learning to chink.

Bridget's quilt is finished and ready to be bound tomorrow. Then on Friday I can make the pillow cases to go with it, and it will be a finished project. I have another quilt to quilt for a customer. I will start work on that next week. It shouldn't take me longer than a week. It is called hidden hearts, and the main color is blue. After that I will start work on all the other projects that I have ready to quilt here. Maybe it will be placemats to put at the restaurant gift shop. I have the material ready. I also have to bind a small baby quilt. Maybe I could do that on Friday also and have it ready for the shop on Sunday. Time will tell.

The sheep are late to be in their breeding groups. (Small groups, for sure) I hope it wasn't too late. However, maybe Mellow and Millie are pregnant from their former home. We will see in March. It could be a big surprise for me. If they aren't, I will hope for lambs from Mellow and Ami in early May if they settled.

We have about four inches of snow as of Sunday/Monday. I guess it is good to have winter and snow. Tonight it is very cold, about 0 degrees F. It is our first really cold snap this season. That does not break my heart since the winter is well on its way.

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