Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mommy and Me

This is a totally awesome picture taken by Sue Smith, my sister-in-law, in December.
The mother is Tsunami out of Zodiak and Skittles from Nancy Krohn. The daughter is Lucy out of Tsunami and Tommy (my name) from Nancy Krohn. All the credit goes to Nancy. I will only take credit for being moral support at the birth of Tsunami's lovely babies. Lucy has a twin brother named Linus.

Tsunami did not take on her first exposure when she was a year. The next year she gave me twins. What a lovely surprise for a first time ever seeing a live birth shepherd. No words can express the extreme feeling of awe it inspired in me. The only live births I have ever been present at were my own children, and I was much too wrapped up in that to be an observer. There is no comparison. We go through so much, and that ewe just laid down and screamed and pushed and produced two lovely little lambs. How have we deviated so much from the natural state? I know everything went correctly, but that is the usual. I am eagerly awaiting this event again this year then I will have to stop since I cannot just continue to have lambs and keep them.

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