Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lucky Me

It is finally going to happen. For those of you who don't know about my
living situation, I will recap. Jake and I bought this farm 4 1/2 years
ago. The house needed work (understatement), but the land was was we
wanted. After all was said and done we were living in a "shit hole".
The former owner was the original and the greatest cobbler. Nothing was
done correctly, but it was done. After selling our home inKenosha and
buying all the equipment we needed to be "farmers", there was not
enough money left to put on the addition that would make this place
livable. Neither of us had ever lived in conditions like this.

live in a two story log house with a one story addition to one side. Of
course, there is also a living room, a bedroom, and a small room added
to the log stuff which doesn't include the porch which has its own
porch. Speaking of cobblers!!!! We want to restore the log part and get
rid of the bedroom and small room and porches. THEN.....we would move
the one room school house on the property over to the log house and
connect the two with a dog trot. I know that sounds ambitious, but what
else have we got to do.

Now for the "lucky" part. We got a new
furnace in mid December. Because of the sheet metal work to provide
heat for my shop, the basement stairway which divides the original log
home in half is no longer usable. Jake said we may as well go ahead and
begin doing the work on the log house now. Praise God,Hallelujah !!!!
That means we will change the stairway, kitchen and bathroom----just
the basis of the whole house. I don't even care if it means that things
will improve. Hence the pictures that I have included. They show the
room that is the first to be cleared, where the piano went and how
crowded the back room is now. What difference does it make? It means
tha t progress is being made. I am a greatdemolition worker. I tear into things like no body's
business. All Jake has to do is say "I guess we could change that", and
when he comes home from work, things have begun to change. Movement is

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