Wednesday, January 17, 2007


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This is the finished product of something that I
promised to do over a year ago. It is a good feeling to have it
finished. It is my third t-shirt quilt. I have made one for each of my
boys. Dave said he wanted to put his on the wall in his house in Three
Lakes, Wisconsin. His was really cool since his aunt helped personalize
it. He now has three quilts that I have made entirely or at least
quilted. This new quilt is by far the biggest one that I have made. I
hope it is not too big.

Today I tore into some more of the back rooms. I tried to take off the paneling
on the north wall of the office, but I was unsuccessful. I was only
able to get one sheet out of three off of the wall. I need a power saw.
If that I had that, I would really be an awesome demo mama. Maybe I
will hint around for Valentine's Day.

The new "Aprilaire" on the NEW furnace was not working. A guy came yesterday to fix it. I still got a shock from the sink in the kitchen tonight. This has to end. I am extremely unhappy with static electricity. I had three small humidifiers running before the humidifier was put in on the furnace. Now I have one in the kitchen and the big one on the furnace, and it is still not enough. This is not an acceptable condition for me. Jake turned the new one up, and it better be working correctly tomorrow.

Goodby from Dryland.

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Bridget said...

I love the quilt -- it will be going on the guest bed (finally). It's going to be the Gopher room.