Saturday, January 27, 2007

More cats

The gingham dog and the calico cat just popped into my mind when I saw these two sitting on the trunk at the foot of my bed. At first they were just staring at each other, but they turned to look at me when I got the camera. I had the "calico cat" part right.

The other picture is Junior Minty Fresh up on top of the secretary at his leisure. He loves to pose for the camera when he is not in his "terrorist mode".

On Friday I tore the kitchen wall side of the stariway apart. Now we can remove the boards from the upstairs part. The lathe and plaster are all removed. It wasn't as messy as I expected. The next part for me is to take the upstairs bedroom wall apart when the new stairs will come up. The furniture is all removed from that side of the room, and it is ready for demolition. That is an invitation just waiting to happen. I must finish the quilt on the machine before I start that. I should be able to accomplish that by the end of Sunday. Monday morning should see some clouds of white powder coming from the upstairs.

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