Tuesday, January 09, 2007

quilting and demolition

This is a picture of a quilt in progress. It is a t-shirt quilt for Jake's daughter who was in the U. of Minnesota marching band from 1999 to 2002. I said I would make this for her quite a while ago. I have already made one for each of my boys. I am finally going to get it done. I don't know what inspired me to get going on it, but it seems to be turning out OK. It is ready to go onto the quilting machine now. I have the backing already on and the batting cut. Now I just need to correct an error I made in the embroidery on the quilt top, and I can put it on the machine and begin quilting.
When I finish, I will make pillow cases to go with it since Carolyn at the quilt shop said that is "hot" right now. I have made some for my brother and sister-in-law for Christmas, but Carolyn gave me a pattern to put a different colored material on for the trim. They should be a good addition to the quilt.

Demo derby began tonight. I removed those 12 X 12 inch acoustical tiles that were on the ceiling and some woodwork from the door to the laundry. Jake says that I can remove the inside wall and reveal the logs on the outside south wall. That will be the first outside wall that we have opened up. It shouldn't be a probelm since it is a southern exposure protected from the west winds, and I keep the heat vent in there covered. If it gets tooooooo cold, I will just open the vent. I need to visit a new acquaintance to see her log home. She did all the chinking all by herself on the whole house, inside and out. She said that she will come out here to see our house and to help me get started with my chinking job. I will chink the two walls in the office/soon to be laundry room before Jake moves the laundry in there. That should keep my busy for a while. I can hardly wait.

I am obsessing about when my two sheep would be due to lamb. I purchased them on October 14. At that time they were in with a ram. I have no idea when they went in with the young man so I have no idea when they might present me with lambs. I will have to keep a close watch on them. It is a lot harder to check for bagging up when they have so much wool. I think it will be a "hands on" thing. (That was always good in the classroom.) The older ewe is, like her name, Mellow. I don't think she will mind my "feeling her up" to check on progress. The ewe lamb is a different story although she is getting much better. They both have collars and bells, so I will be able to hold on to them while I check them out.

Note to Dream from Lucy: "Did you know that your mom is my grandma? Don't you think we look alike?"

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Nancy K. said...

Wow! Does she ever look like Dream! I guess those genetics are pretty strong....

I'm thrilled to see you're back into blogging! I'll put a link on my blog.