Friday, February 06, 2009

"Just Stringing Us Along......"

It was all timing. Holly was showing a string this morning before we went for breakfast. I saw it with my own eyes. I even made her turn around to be sure of what I was seeing. When we came back, it was no where to be seen. Maybe we are making some progress.

This is my "bird sanctuary". I know it isn't cool, but it makes me happy because I can see it out the "postage stamp" window which is in front of my sink. The other night I remarked to my DH that I wished I would have a different bird at the feeders. Well, last evening there it was. I even had to get out the bird books to identify it. I don't recall seeing it before although I probably have. It was a nuthatch. There probably won't be any pictures of it because it flits and snatches and flits away. I would never get a picture of something that moves that fast.

This picture does not do Fuzz Nutless justice. He is in the middle. The other two are Mom, gray, and Puff, yellow, mother and son. You really can't tell that Fuss Nutless is twice the size of either of the others. He is also twice as ornery although he gets along with Mom.


Nancy K. said...

Maybe Holly has passed her mucus plug. I think that means she'll calve.....someday.


Rayna said...

She's really swollen up in the back end since the last photo...I'd say for sure within the next 2 weeks, maybe even within the week. *crosses fingers for a heifer*

Kate said...

Fuzz Nutless may be the best cat name ever.

The best dog name is Pasta Batman...but that's another story.