Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Famous dog (not really)

If I had known, I would have made Libby sit with me on the couch and watch her relative, Sax, compete at Westminster. Sax's parents were Libby's grandparents on her father's sid. Thanks to Wisconsin Collie Puppies for showing me how to find Sax's pedigree. There was even one dog on Libby's mother's side that the two dogs had in common.

I do not think I will mention this to Libby because I do not want her to feel tooooo special for fear she will take it out on me and make me take her outside in the bad weather for some "exercise".


Garrett808 said...

SO sax would then be an uncle, correct?

Sharrie said...


Aunt to be correct because Sax is a bitch.

Nancy K. said...

With or without the famous pedigree ~ Libby is one beautiful Lady!

Claire said...

I didn't know Westminster was on. I love to watch it (and Crufts) but these days I never have time for TV. We had those winds here too and it was hard to sleep last night with all the noise, but they are gone now and it was in the high 60s today which was very odd for February. Back to normal tomorrow.

I told Stuffin that Holly hadn't had her baby yet and that she had to hurry up. I swear she giggled at me.

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Your dogs are so beautiful! Of course, my husband tells me I think they are all beautiful...and he would be right :-)

Thank you for your words of encouragement and hope. They are much appreciated.

FIONA said...

Libby is so beautiful---a real champion. She doesn't need a trophy.