Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fuzzy and Lovey

I am pretty sure that Lovey is aptly named. She is up and nursing and leaping about in her pen. Unfortunately, her mother, Fuzzy, seems to be almost leaping about now, too. She is not happy around people, and she does the the bull thing---flinging bedding all around the stall with her front feet-- whenever one of us gets too close. She is very protective. The sheep seemed to be entertained by the new creatures bunking with them.

Holly is totally swollen on her backside and has teats that are starting to point outward. Today she is swatting flies with her tails periodically. That is just fine, but there are not any flies in the barn. Could that mean that contractions are starting to happen inside of her? I sure hope so. She doesn't move very well anymore. She sort of lumbers around the pen. However, she is still eating whatever she can find. Oh, well, got to wait and see.


Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Your babies are absolutely adorable. I love the markings on your lambs.

Claire said...

Uh oh....she's gonna blow!

Come on Stuffin, get a move on!! We can't let that Wisconsin cow get away with this! Start swatting flies! Oh wait, you don't have a long enough tail for that.