Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Big Ugly

The dogs thought that it was windy out this morning. On the dog note, Sax, a blue merle collie won best of breed at Westminster yesterday and then went on to take third in best of group in the evening. Why do I mention it, you ask? Sax was bred by a vet at the animal hospital where Libby's Florida mom, Suzy, practices. The dogs could even be distant relatives since they have the same prefixes on their names. But, not being a dog person, I don't really know what that means. AND.....maybe, Libby's dad is one of Cindi's dogs. Close enough for me to feel some affinity for that beautiful furry collie dog.

As you can see in the picture, this time of year is "U... G... L... Y.....You ain't got no alibi." (Sorry an old cheer from years of watching high school football, snuck into my mind.) It is true, however. This kind of weather is ugly. I happened to catch the weather station device that we have up here this morning when the wind speed registered 56.3 MPH. Now that is a real gust. While I was feeding the sheep, I had to hang on the fence wire because there was wet ice underfoot. Oh, yes, the temperature is 42 degrees. I think I enjoy the weather station that I bought for my DH more than he does. He is the one with the weather obsession because he is a mechanic for the LaCrosse highway department.

A calf on Saturday could be named Valerie for Valentine's Day. No, there is no calf yet. It could be that Holly is just enjoying that big pen and no competition for food that she has now. Maybe she isn't prego.


Nancy K. said...

I was just looking out my kitchen window, this morning, and thinking how ugly everything looks.

Hang in there Holly ~ soak it for all it's worth!!

(I wouldn't want to go out in that wind and slop either!)

Tammy said...

Enjoyed seeing a picture of the windblown collies! Sharing the same prefix, means that they were bred by the same person/kennel. If I remember correctly the breeder's kennel name is always the prefix, although sometimes if it's a co-bred litter, the other breeder will tweak their name in there too. She could be related! Either way it's pretty exciting.

Anonymous said...

Her is a link to Sax's pedigree: