Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Water Baby

We don't have a lake nearby like some lucky people do, but we have a new pool. Isaac was willing to sacrifice his body and go into the pool. Zippy wasn't to sure about the water thing.

The miracle of animal crackers!!!! Zippy is in the pool.

After a while, Zippy was willing to discuss the pros and cons of swimming pools with Isaac and Mr. Snuffles....formerly Fuzz Nutless.


Cynthia said...

Somehow laughter was an absolute need today and this just put a cap on it. What amazingly funny photos. I'm unused to looking at puppies with their ears taped up, making this already fun series even that much gut busting. And Fuzz Nutless? Goodness, I'm dying as I get my toothbrush ready for end of day. Thanks

Anonymous said...


Your momma is a pool nut but daddy stays out of the pool.