Thursday, October 18, 2007

October in Wisconsin - this year

While my oatmeal sat cooling on the table this morning, the sun came out. While that is not so noteworthy in itself, it sure is right now. I had checked on the computer while the oatmeal was cooking to see if the rain was going to stop any time soon, and it showed that there was going to be a break. Well, the break came and the sun came out. The color was fabulous. The sun made everything seem so vivid. Sooooooo I rushed out with my camera to see if I could capture it. Of course, the sheep got in the way. So did that lousy barnyard which makes it look like we live in a dump. In the girls' picture, you can see the color of the sky in the north. In the boys' picture you can see the color of the sky in the west. In fact it was only in the east that there was any hint of a break in the weather.

We were already 21st on the list of rainiest years a few days ago. I am sure the inch plus that we have had in the last few days has pushed us up a few notches. I am sure happy that we are on top of the ridge this year. It has surely done away with that August, September, October brown in the lawns and pastures. Everything is bright green just like spring. It sure works for the animals, and there would be much hay to make is the farmers could ever get a break in the rain. It is supposed to be nice on Saturday. Jake will work on the fence again. I will post pictures of that puppy when it gets finished, for sure.

As you can see from the pictures, even the sheep did not want to come out of their sheds. However, they did tell me that this break in the rain would be a good time to feed them. I guess I will because it will be raining again soon.

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