Thursday, October 25, 2007

Birds in the Wilderness

Here we sit, like birds in the wilderness, birds in the wilderness, birds in the wilderness. Here we sit, like birds in the wilderness. Waiting for our dessert.

This is the first few lines of a ditty that we used to sing at the table while my mom was bringing dessert. My dad was behind it all. He liked to sing. So, the three of us would sing it for my mom. That included my brother, Ken.

It just came to mind this morning when I saw the four kittens sitting in the door of the guest house. I believe that they were wondering where their mother was because they spent the night without her. They are getting used to the outside since Tuesday, and last night, their mom did not return when I went to shut them in the house. I am happy to report that she is there now and can resume their education about the big backyard. Also the grey kittie is right in front of the propane tank. He is kind of hidden. They ran off when I got closer the first time, so the picture is kind of far back.

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