Monday, October 22, 2007


Sunday, yesterday, was a real milestone here. Jake finished fencing the pasture for the cattle. We have been needing it for about four years. The pictures show the scene out my postage stamp sized kitchen sink window. Now I can see those black dots out in the pasture that are our cattle. Sometimes I can even tell which ones I am looking at by the patterns. It is so nice to come over the hill and see cows roaming in the pasture. They are a mess right now, but I think they will be clean before the winter comes. At least, I hope so. Now, a few more posts and some more wire and we will have the fencing done in that part of the farm. There are still many more acres to fence in order to have rotational grazing happen, but this is a real start. Since all of the rain, we still have plenty of grass for the cows to graze on for a while.

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