Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yuh Think, McGee!?

Here we go again. We spent two hours last night from 7-9 waiting and watching for Spike to have her calf. We knew it was going to happen; we saw her water break; we could tell that she was having contractions. But would she have the calf before it got dark, and we went into the house? NO!!!!!!!!! I went back out at 10:30, and the calf was on the ground, wet, but licked off. We missed it again. Last year, Poppy did the same thing to us, only worse. We had her in the barn, and when we went in to grab a quick supper, she had her calf.

Oh, well, I guess I am happy that he is here and doing well. Unfortunately, he is a boy. His name is McGee. He is the brown one in the picture with his Hereford mom.

The other picture is Ducky, the calf that was born on Sunday morning while we were at church.

That brings out total to five, three boys and two girls. We need more girls!!!!

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