Friday, May 25, 2007

High Ridge Highlight for June!!!

Yes, we have having a highlight that is actually planned. We are having a visitor, and not just any visitor. He is Dr. Peter Batar from Hungary. He is attending a medical conference in Chicago and is coming up here for a short, toooooo short, visit before he returns to Europe. It will certainly be a highlight for us. We haven't seen him since he did research in Oklahoma City years ago. It will be wonderful for us.

Now, what will he do while he is here. I certainly hope that he plans to take over my job as hired hand. I am quite willing to let him use my tractor as seen in the picture to do whatever the farm boss, Jake, wants done on that day. I will be glad to sit in the house or on the deck with my feet up. OR........he could use the new Dixon lawn mower. There is more than enough lawn to be mowed. OR........he could just sit around and enjoy "God's Country" with me and the critters. OR........he could do all of the above. It is his choice because I will just enjoy seeing him again.

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