Saturday, May 26, 2007

Boys and their toys

Or maybe it would be a good idea for the good Hungarian doctor to learn about 4-wheelers. It is a great farm implement. We use it for everything you can imagine. Of course, sometimes Dave comes up and uses it for recreation. It is great fun

OR........maybe he would like to try out a bigger tractor than the one I mentioned yesterday. I drive the one in the picture when we use the chopper to fill the feeder wagon for the cattle. There is also the 4010, 5010 and the 3010. Jake has a thing about John Deere tractors. We are tractor poor.

I suppose he could try them all out and decide for himself which one suits him best. But then again there is always the bulldozer........

We really do have a lot more equipment than we did down in Salem. The best one is the combine. It is really cool, and I enjoy just riding along in that big machine.

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