Thursday, May 24, 2007

Three on a match

I have been lax in posting to this blog. It is because the appraiser
came here today to have a look for our refinancing. I have been more
than busy getting all my "stuff" moved from the upstairs here to the
upstairs at the guest house. (sounds like a fancy place) Yesterday I
spent the whole day carrying boxes upstairs and getting them put in the
right places.

The real story is the three lambs that Mellow presented on Saturday afternoon last week. The sad part is that they are all ram lambs. Two of them have real crimpy fleece with the best one being the white one. Now, what do I do with three ram lambs? That is really something to think about. They can't be father to any of my ewes but Millie. Their father is my ram lamb from last year, Linus. He did quite a job on everything but the gender.

It is good to have something to think about.

The other picture is an example of the humor of my dear husband. He missed this shot with Ami's twins. Last year he got a great shot from behind of me picking up the twins for my picture with them. This year he got me again with the triplets. Maybe he is taking them to compare the or the lambs?????? This year I come out on the up-side compared to last year.

Now, if anyone who reads this has an idea of what to do with four ram lambs, just let me know. The freezer is really not an option at this time.

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