Sunday, April 29, 2007

And then there were three.....

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Last evening, Tulip gave us another heifer calf, Jen. She has a lot of white on her and is easily recognizable. It all happened while we were working around here, and I could have been there and seen the whole thing. But......another chance to see a
calf born slipped by me. I know it will happen sooner or later, but I
wish for sooner.

We have three out of a possible eleven now. Two girls and a boy. We want to be heavy on the girl side this year to enlarge our herd. Right now we have fourteen females. Three of them are too young for calving this year. Two did not produce last year and are getting a last chance this year. Time will tell.

Other news. I still haven't learned to never say "never". We are getting thirty
guinea hen keets around the end of May. They are supposed to be real good at
eating bugs. That will help with our organic gardening. (We are going
to have a garden this year. Yeah!!!) Ticks are included in the bug
thing, and we sure do have a multitude of ticks. With all the deer tick
and Lyme's disease stuff, the hens will have a big job to do. The other
thing that they do is sound an alarm whenever they think something is
wrong or different. I guess they are quite loud about it. "Well",.....she
said, as she ate her words......"I guess we will be having something around
here with feathers besides pillows." I hope it is a successful project. We will have to outfit housing for them and raise the keets from small things. Who knows how all of this will go. I will update you when it all happens.

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