Monday, April 23, 2007

One month later.....

Here is the first addition. His name is Skooter. He is a rough tri collie dog. He is wonderful. So far he is easy to train and plays well with others. That is more than you can say for me. He is growing and has been here for over a month. He was born on January first so is almost four months old. He likes going for walks which is good for both of us. Suni thinks he is a pest, but he loves his old Suni and often lays down and sleeps sunggled up with her. He is learning to interact with Junior Minty Fresh, who was real testy at first. Unfortunately Pansy doesn't know enough to get away from him, and he tends to maul her. We have to work on that and getting brushed since he usually comes in from outside with burrs somewhere on his body.

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