Monday, April 23, 2007

And then again..........

Then last Saturday Pepper gave us this little guy. Meet Jimmy Palmer. Our calves this year will be named after fictional characters from television shows that we watch. I chose this name because Palmer is a small time player on NCIS and who knows if he will be there next year. Unfortunately, Palmer, the calf, comes from the cow that threw the calf that was ill and died last year. We gave Pepper another chance. We will be watching carefully to see if she just keeps throwing calves with some defect or whether this one will be healthy. Her calf last year was fine for a while but then slowly went downhill even though the vet tried everything he could think of to bring Schroeder back to health. We will keep our fingers crossed.

We are at fifty-fifty. One heifer, and one bull. Hope for heifers!!!! Other births are imminent, judging by the way the cows move around. I feel for them and remember the days. There is also one sheep that is "heavy with child".

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