Friday, September 05, 2008

This is NOT a hobby farm.

hobby n.: a pursuit outside one's regular occupation engaged in esp for RELAXATION.

I am sick and tired of our endeavor being called a "hobby farm". It is not for relaxation. Believe me. It is as far from relaxation as anything I can conceive. It eliminates relaxation. Instead of relaxation we have exhaustion. I have seldom seen Jake "relax". When he sits down, it is more like exhaustion.

Last night I went off on the insurance agent who was here to go over our insurance for the coming year. He had the nerve to suggest that this was a hobby farm. I set him straight. He was lucky. Because when he suggested that we had toooooooo much machinery, I was ready to singe his ears with another comment, but I restrained myself. Maybe it was because I wasn't feeling well. I had spent the day at the quilting machine so that I could finish a job for a women who had a deadline to finish her pillow shams. I paid for it. The accident is still holding be back in several ways. Maybe I don't hold up my weight around here, but I try. I know it isn't easy for Jake, but it could make it possible for us to have a good retirement. The farm is planned to provide us with additional income when he retires.

I hope I live that long. I wish he was retired now so that we could enjoy this together now.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean:-D, our farm is supposed to be a hobby farm too but it just grew and grew, LOL, we are in the process of selling off most of our herd of goats though.

Gone2theDawgs said...

Some people just don't get IT. I think "hobby farms" are typically the 5 acre and under set. And being on 5 acres I'm here to tell you even that can be far from a "hobby". It is actually more like my 2nd job. When people tell me have you seen this movie or have you eaten at this restaurant, etc. etc. I tell them I have no time for the time I make sure everyone (meaning the animals..not the humans) :) are comfortable it is way past my bedtime! But I wouldn't trade it for anything!:)