Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are they keepers?

This is all about Nutmeg and Sweet Woodruff ------ aka. Meggy and Ruffy. They are about three and a half months old now.

This is specificaly a "Shetland" post. I need help in evaluating my only lambs from last spring. If you are a "Shetland person", please leave a comment and tell me truthfully about these two youngsters. I am a big (read "old") girl, and I can take the truth. I will still love them very much because they are mine and because they are so darn cute.

This is what Ruffy's horns look like now. Is there hope for them and him?

These are rear views. I know they are not great photos, but I tried.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think because I just don't get around any other Shetland people, and I don't know enough to make any kind of intelligent judgement.


Anonymous said...

They're lovely!

Nancy K. said...

They are growing up to be SUCH beautiful Shetlands! Both look like they have nice fleece. I'd say your ram lamb's horns look excellent.

I remember thinking, in that lamb picture that you posted, that the ewe lamb's tail looked quite long but it doesn't look too bad in the rear shot. It's not 'tiny' but it may be within the norm. It shouldn't be any longer than six inches. Ruffy's tail doesn't appear to be "fluked" (wider at the top and tapering to a point). That would be considered a fault but I've certainly seen worse tails used!

It's hard to say from just a couple of photos but I'd say you have two very nice lambs there and if you want to breed them ~ go for it! I would look for mates that will improve their tails. I don't see you doing any harm to the Shetland breed by propagating those beauties...

An excellent source for information on conformation (as well as many other issues!) is the "Shetland Sheep Information Website". There's a link to it on my blog.

Are you going to Jefferson???
I'm hoping to get to see you!

Tammy said...

I would have to say, defintaly keepers! I agree with Nancy, and would only be questionable a little on the tails. The length looks pretty good, but they aren't shaped the best. However, I would not hesitate to use either, as they are very nice looking. I can't ever really tell much from pictures about fleece quality, so can't comment there. Their colors/patterns are very interesting too, esp. the 'caped' look of the ramling. His horns look great, by the way, shouldn't be any trouble there. I'd say you did just great with these two beauties.

Sharrie said...


Thanks for the input. Yes, I will be at Jefferson. I missed it last year because of Hungarian guests. It won't happen again if I can help it.

Sharrie said...


Thanks for the input. I realize you would have to get your hands on those two to have an idea about the fleeces. But, it is so good to know that you and Nancy and Garrett think that the lambs are keepers.

Sharrie said...

Nancy & Tammy,

I measured. Both tails are six inches to the last hair. I agree about the shape, though. The best tail in my group is the ewe I will probably never breed again.

Michelle said...

I agree with everyone else, although you can't know for sure on horns for awhile yet. At this point they sure look good, and their colors are lovely. I have several "not ideal" tails in my ewe flock, but so far my ram has improved them all, so I'll keep using him -- and the girls!

Gone2theDawgs said...

I followed your comment to your blog, lovely sheep!! I'm still new to Shetlands but they look like keepers to me. Something Lois from Stonehaven told me, even though tails are important, the truth is "you can't spin a tail" :) I forget who told her that but it sure seems to be good words of wisdom when the rest of the sheep is so nice! I'll definitely be adding you to my bloglist!