Friday, September 12, 2008

Twisting in the Wind

This is Bruno Junior. Wasn't he a cutey?

I can see the Goodyear Blimp Garage from the window in Todd's new room.

Here I am in Florida, in a hospital with a sick son. I do not know anyone here. I am staying at his house and taking care of his dogs in the morning and when I go home at night. I sit from 9 - 9 in his hospital room. Yesterday, I read a whole book. Today, I brought the computer and by afternoon, I was able to get on the internet here. That was good. I buy my food at the cafeteria or a Subway or McDonald's.

Today the case manager nurse told us we would have to select a rehab facility for Todd to go to when he is released from the hospital. What do I know? For that matter, what does he know? He never had to do something like this before. Tonight his internist suggested one of the four that the insurance company would pay for. Now, I must get out there somehow and see the place. We will probably select that one since Todd really likes his doctor and values his opinion. Maybe one of Todd's friends will drive me out there.

Jake is not happy at home. Last night when he got home, Lucy was walking around out of the pasture. It has happened twice before, and she has happily come for cookies and returned to her captivity. He called me and asked what to do. I suggested the corn that she was getting before and after the twins. This was about 5:00. When I talked to him again at 9:00, he said that the corn had worked and that he had reinforced the staples holding the fence panels. Another problem solved.

Here................I feel like I am dangling at the end of a string........twisting in the wind. Tears just pop up at the most unexpected times. Responsibility sits heavy upon my shoulders. I hope I will be back to just my problems at home...soon.

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Nancy K. said...

Hang in there, Sweetie. I wish I could help.

I'm sending you a hug...