Thursday, February 15, 2007


May 9, 1994 --- February 14, 2007

Dicken is gone. He will not be forgotten. He was always cheerful never dull. He remained a puppy always. It was hard to believe, but he always thought that if you came to our house, you must have come to see him. He could be a real pest if you didn't want to pet a German Shepherd. It was just his nature to be friendly. I only wish that he could have been out and running in the fields with us. He would have loved that. He tolerated the indoor cats and kept them in line if they got too wild. The new kitten didn't have to endure so much supervision because by this summer, Dicken has slowed down. But.......every now and then, Junior learned how to behave because the big dog let him know what he should be doing.

Dicken will be missed by all of us.

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