Sunday, February 11, 2007

Snowy sheep

Here are the sheep finally today. First the girls coming over to the fence for cookies and then at the fence wanting to know when the cookies are coming. The two white ones are not related although they are a mature ewe and a ewe lamb from last year.

Second is the cows at their feeder which was newly filled with their hay for the week. You can't see them very well, but you can also see our road in the background which gives you an idea of how much snow we have.

The boys are third. They just got back outside together this morning. They have been running and leaping ever since. I guess they are quite happy to be outside again, but it was good for them to be together in a small place after breeding pens.

The two boys head to head are Tommy and Linus, dad and son. The other picture is the three of them playing "ring around the log". It is a new game that they have made up. It is so good to go out with the dogs and hear all the bells ringing. There is only one that does not yet have a bell. I sure do like the bells.

Now, if the cows just had bells I would be really happy.

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