Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lilies in February

I splurged and sent for these pips from a catalog. I thought it might cheer me up in the dead of winter. Little did I know that we would have such a cold snap just when the lilies were really getting going. Right now they are in their prime. The smell is awesome. I have them on my little table that I wedged into a space between my fridge and a window. Now I can sit down and have breakfast or lunch and look out the window. I sure do crave natural light. On the side of the fridge I have family pictures and other memorabalia to light up the space. The flowers are just the crowning touch for me. It makes a nice cozy little, very little, corner for me to eat and read and sniff the flowers and look outside to see the cold February weather.

It has been and will be a small place of peace for me while I deal with my new medical problem called long lasting two weeks and three days with 2 days off. I am very tired of it. I have so much work to do.

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