Saturday, March 03, 2007

Real winter

I have been in Florida. I left on Thursday, February 22. The STORM came on Friday, February 23. You would have thought that I had planned it. I didn't. I left Jake with a _____load of work moving snow. He couldn't get to work on Saturday, but he did go in on Sunday afternoon and work until Monday morning. What a mess. We had upwards of 24 inches of snow. So far, there haven't been any tragedies. I came home on Monday evening and haven't left this place since then. The second storm came on Thursday and has lasted until now, Saturday morning. Another mess!! Sure glad that someone invented the "skid loader". It does more than double duty.

The sheep are confined by the snow and can barely get out of their sheds. The boys can stand on top of the snow in one place. That gets a bit worrisome. Even the cows don't go out of the lean-to. Next week is supposed to have days above freezing. That will be a welcome mess. High Ridge is ready for spring.

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