Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finally something pleasant to report...........

The good thing is that today was shearing day.   This is seven of the girls with their winter coats still keeping them warm in the six inches of snow we had on Sunday night.
 This is all of the girls in the same snow.
 And another picture of six of them.
This is a very immodest picture of Coco.    At least Brian covered up here lovely little blossoming bag.    The other good news is that all five of my girls are pregnant.   Yahoo!!!   It is very difficult to tell if a sheep is pregnant when they are in full coat.    You can only tell for sure as they start to "bag up", and it is hard to tell that when they are standing and just starting.    When Brian turned them over, it was obvious.    I have been "feeling them up" for about two weeks, and it wasn't a sure thing for any of them.
This is Brian, my new shearer.    He got all five of the pregnant ewes sheared and also the two boys today.    He will come back next Wednesday and do the other four ewes.   I am fine with that.  
He is not fast, but he is gentle with the sheep.    The not fast part is why I changed shearers.    I need someone who shows that he is making sure the fleece is in the best condition it can be when it comes off the sheep.    The fleece is all important to someone who has sheep so that their wool can be used.  My fleeces do not get thrown on a truck in a big bundle.    They stay with me until someone buys them, or I create something out of them after they have been washed and carded and spun and knitted.

I will get off my sheep soapbox and tell you---- I am one, crazy, happy, old woman tonight!!!!


Michelle said...

Congrats on finding a GREAT SHEARER, and for coming LAMBS!

Kelly said...

Can't wait to see the lambs! And good move getting a shearer that takes his time to make sure YOU get a good product when he's done.