Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Coco's babe

It was a dark and storm night and barely getting light this morning when Coco had her little lamb.    Coco is a first time mother, and she had a quick uneventful birth.   The baby is a throw back to Nancy Krohn's sheep.    The grandmother was bred by Nancy.    The father is OK Acres Casey.   She is a flashy little ewe lamb who will probably be named High Ridge Calla Lily.   

Our first lamb was a still born ewe out of another first time mom.    There is no explanation for that heart break.

As you can see, the heat lamp is on, and I will labor to keep them warm in this totally horrible weather.  I am just so pleased that this birth has gone so well so far.   I will be checking them constantly even though the weather makes me want to stay in the house and read a book or spin or knit. 

More lamb news to follow in a short time because the other three are getting close to lambing.    I pray that their birthing is as uneventful as Coco's was. 

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