Saturday, April 02, 2011

High Ridge Sweet Woodruff

This is High Ridge Sweet Woodruff.    He is a registered three year old ram who got a haircut the day before this picture.   He is available now.    Please make inquires through comments on this blog.  
Take a look at his picture.    Can you tell who has an "attitude"?    But it is a good attitude.    Guess I will get them in from outside and see just how dirty Lady got.    Zippy, Mr. Attitude, is also a neat nik which is wonderful.    Beaver is just Beaver.


Anonymous said...

She doesn't look dirty to me LOL! The all look like they are saying "what?" we were napping.

Lani said...

Love the perfect Cardi lineup. Your dogs pose well together. Mine, not so much.

Sharrie said...

Lani, Wish I could say my dogs pose well. Unfortunately, that was just a lucky shot.