Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Yesterday was Mothers' Day!!!

My son gave me a gift card for Mothers' Day.   Jake and I used it for something we needed since we were at out lowest point about then.    Yesterday I went to the Growers' Produce Auction and bought my Mothers' Day present.    I feel I did quite well for myself and had a good time to boot! 

Most of them are annuals.   I bought perennials last year.  I guess the ferns are the only perennials in the bunch.   Lots of moss roses, love them.   Geraniums, gerbera daisys, ranunculus, and coleus.  You can't buy just the number you want and serious attention is required.   Since the weather has been so BAD, I didn't have a flower planted anywhere.    I was afraid that the auction would be done with their flowers.  WRONG!    Lots of flowers and, bonus, few people yesterday........ equals good prices.    

In the first picture, I forgot the two hanging baskets I bought.    I even forgot them at the auction and had to drive back to get them.    It was worth the horrible cost of gas since I only paid four dollars for the two of them.    You just have to sit quietly and pay attention and small lots are available.  These two don't exactly match, but they are showy.
This is the whole thing including six tomato plants and three "trees".    They came up at the end and two of them were pussy willows and one was a weeping willow.    I have wanted pussy willows here forever, and I can junk the weeping willow or plant it and let someone else worry about the mess when it gets big.

Now the work begins.    I can only work for a short time outside today because of the temperatures and dew points, but I will get it done in short bursts with some help from multiple Cardigan Welsh Corgis


Rayna said...

Aww wish I was closer! I'd give that willow a good home :D I LOVE weeping willows, and REALLY want one!

penni said...

It looks like a lot of planting -- but your yard will be lovely. Good growing thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Long time no hear! Good to see you back again. Mother's day comes a month earlier in Hungary. First Sunday of May. E-mail follows...

Anonymous said...

The flowers are beautiful and hope that means an entry to a beautiful summer. The Montana mountains are a riot of spring flowers and glorious greenery due to a cool and very rainy spring.

Hope your flowers bring lots of smiles and a sparkle to your summer! (PS: I love weeping willows--almost as much as my chickens!).

solsticekennels said...

Hopefully you will get them planted with "help" and there will be lots of summer photos of pretty flowers and pretty dogs LOL. Stay cool, 100 here but we don't have your humidity.