Saturday, March 26, 2011

We like treats!!!

This is a good example of the dynamic duo plus one.    Zippy can sit up perfectly for any length of time.  Mandy is the polite little lady.    Beaver is the loud mouth.    At least we know how to get their attention.  Jake took this, and he sure knew how to get their eyes on the target.

There isn't much new here.   No highlights except the ice storm last Tuesday.    We still have evergreens that are bent down to the ground since the temperature has been much too cold ever since the bad weather.  We even were without power for six hours.     That is the longest in the nine years that we have lived here.

Jake's shoulder is doing fine  --- only needs strengthening.    Spring can't come soon enough.  The only good thing about this freezing weather is that the dogs aren't muddy anymore.


Unknown said...

Great picture! All Cardi attention-getting techniques are shown: sit pretty/beg, the stare, and barking!

Anonymous said...

That is too too FUNNY! Love the attention to treats. I would expect nothing less of PJ (aka Porky Joe)childern and LB is sure holding his own.

Shula said...

LOL very cute. Taking a picture of our three dogs at treat time would be capturing an action shot. 2 are a little old and have difficulty sitting, the third is a little young and likes to do the Jack Russell bounce.