Sunday, April 05, 2009

Weekend Visitor

This is Sadie. She belongs to Bridget, Jake's daughter. Sadie stayed with us from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon. Now I remember what it was like to have an active dog. The collies just don't qualify in that category.

Sadie was a real athlete. She would play ball until the "cows came home". She was also an expert at dribbling the ball. It was like she was at the free throw line. She would dribble a few times, and then she would let you throw the ball. What a hoot. She was a easy house guest.

And.......Scooter, well, he couldn't be more uninterested in the proceedings. Libby was more interested and active, but she doesn't play ball. She just ran along and caused trouble.

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Aleta said...

Sadie is a beautiful dog! When I was a child I had a collie that looked like her. Skooter is beautiful too!