Thursday, April 02, 2009

High Ridge Abby's Little Countess

This is Abby. She was named because of the black bangs she has on her forehead which reminded me of a character from my favorite TV show-----NCIS. How could she be named anything else? (If you don't watch that show, some of this just won't make sense. Humor me.) She was the last heifer expected to calve in our barn. I knew she was nearly ready and was expecting to find a calf any day now. Well, last night was her time, and she made her presentation this morning.

Being "Abby" she outdid herself. First she hatched a heifer!!!!! Second she dressed her up "Abby" fashion. Her little girl is black with a white face. So far .......OK. Then Abby added a wide white belt, thigh high white stockings in the front, white sport socks in the back, and a white tip on her tail. Nice job, Abby!!! Way to dress up that little girl.

Meet Duchess, or as she will be known.......Duchy

Family portrait (not done by professionals) Happily, Abby and Duchy are doing just fine. Duchy is jumping around, and I saw her nursing. I knew she had arrived even before I got to the barn because I heard Abby doing that "mama to baby locater mooing" which meant there was a new baby born.


Rayna said...

"locater moo" super cute! lol. Yes, Abby really outdid herself...I LOVE ABBY! :D

Anonymous said...

reminds me of my favorite cows, dutch belted cows. I don't know what they are really called but I remember I loved looking at them when we used to pass a herd when we lived in N.C. Is it Duchy or Ducky :-)

Sharrie said...

The girls have royal names except for the first one who got named Lovey because she was born on Valentine's Day. After her came Lady, Queenie, Princess, and Duchess or Duchy.

Gail V said...

Sharrie, I am not much of a blog-browser, but tonight I am because it's lamb time for some, and your calves satisfied my craving for adorable babies!
What a great bunch of spotted babies. I love the little red and white girl. And the spotty lambs on your blog heading!
Nice work, overall!
Gail at LittleRedOak

Yellow Jacket Ridge Angoras said...

Oh My Gosh I can see why you named her Abby! Ha! Cracked me up.