Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Christmas gift




Say "Thanks!" to G.W.Bush for the "Get out of jail free card" he gave them yesterday.

P.S. Jake reminded me that Fuzz Nutless got his name from his former life when he was just plain Fuzz Nuts. Jake is good with names. Who knows what he calls me when I am not around.

(Peter, if you didn't understand, it is a U.S. joke. By the way.....We would gladly send you some of our snow.)

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Tina T-P said...

Poor little Pia - I'm glad you were able to find a vet who was willing to fix her leg - It took us a while but we finally have convinced the local "big animal" vet in the county that a sick sheep is not a dead sheep, especially when a $200 Shetland sheep is concerned.

Yup, The Shepherd was kind of annoyed with me last weekend - between the House and NCIS marathon, not a whole lot got done...oh well, it was snowy out - couldn't have done anything anyhow.

Happy New Year! T.