Monday, December 22, 2008

My Christmas Miracle

On the day after I picked up two new lambs from Nancy Krohn, one of them broke her leg. It was a back leg, and it was just dangling there when I found her. My vet wasn't even willing to try to treat it. I found a vet that was willing. Jake and I took her to the clinic where Dr. Brown examined the break, totally snapped below the hock but not compound, and put a splint on it. We took her home with penicillin to give her for five days being told that 48 hours and 10 days were the times to be especially observant. has been four weeks now, and today Pia went to the vet and had her bandage changed. Dr. Brown said it was healing and it was warm, both good things. In fact, not good, GREAT!!!!! She has been kept in a small pen in the old milk house which is attached to the barn with her friend, Aggie. Many cookies have been consumed by those two little dolls. Pia is exceptionally friendly, and we have bonded, big time.

When I got home from the vet this morning, I made the call I have been dreading and hoping for. It was to Nancy to tell her how sorry I was that Pia had gotten hurt, but that she was getting better. I didn't want to worry Nancy about the treatment when the outcome was in doubt. I have been waiting and wanting to make that call for four weeks now. It is so good to have good news to share with someone.

PIA IS MY CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! Dr. Brown is part of the miracle. I guess I have a new vet for my sheep.


Gone2theDawgs said...

Wow! That is great news! So glad Dr. Brown was willing to treat her, he definitely sounds like a keeper.

Nancy K. said...

Thank you for taking such loving care of little Pia (aka "Cassy"). And thank you for 'sparing' me until the news was good! How wonderful that you now have a good sheep vet that you can turn to ~ let's hope you don't need them again for a long, LONG time.... ;-)

Hugs to my little brown lambs and I wish you a WONDERFUL, peaceful Christmas!

Michelle said...

Having a "good" vet as a husband, it amazes me how many bad ones there are out there! So glad you found a keeper, and that your beautiful lamb is saved. Merry Christmas!

Shula said...

I am glad Pia is doing well. I have always loved her facial markings. They remind me of a ancient Greek helmet with nose guard. Anyway I am glad Pia is healing.