Saturday, October 04, 2008

What's that white stuff?

Libby, my Florida dog, was very surprised to see that "white stuff" on the grass this morning. What can I say? I tried to tell her that it was a "Wisconsin thing", but she just didn't understand. Wait until the "real" white stuff happens. She is in for a total surprise.

The pictures are fall happening here. It looks different than it did this summer, and I love it. Jake started the outside wood stove yesterday evening. It is good to have heat and not have to think about paying for the propane. It is early, and he said we only had the wood stove off for four months. I guess that is just the way things are in this part of Wisconsin. Still, I hope for a much easier winter than we had last year. I really cannot believe that we are close to the start of another winter. Most of this year has been a very unpleasant blur for me. So far the only pleasant thing I can aremember about 2008 is the beautiful Shetland twins that Lucy gave me. They are still a joy to behold.


Nancy K. said...

And Libby! You got your beautiful Libby this year.

Beautiful photos! I can come in early for lunch any day this week. Let me know what day works for you. Should we try Fayzee's?

Gone2theDawgs said...

I'm willing to bet Libby will LOVE the white stuff! I love Fall, the crisp nights the changing scenery, now if I could just skip winter I'd be happy! :) I hope you have a milder winter and lots of positive/happier times!